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valley. what does a second term for president obama mean to the economy? i will talk to two former top presidential advisers and sea if they think we can avoid the fiscal cliff. how to stay safe and find the right sectors in the mark and jamie dienl of jpmorgan chase. regulation, policy and totoo bi to fail. the "wall street joual report" begins right now. >> here's a a look at what is making news as we head to a new week on wall street. if if toward thought they would get a bounce after the election, they thought wrong. president obama's second term victory was greeted with stocks worst day of the year. the dow fell 300 points on wednesday and triple-digits on thursday and and the markets were mixed on friday. bond rating agency moody's reiterated the possibility of a downgrade if america goes over the fiscal cliff but sasaid it would wa wait after budget negotiations. a downgrade will make it more expensive for the united states to borrow money. >>> superstorm sandy would provide an economic boost to the auto industry. 250,000 new and used cars may haveve been n ruined by sandy. a lo
's choking our economy and what's choking the economy of greece, and this is why i figured to it the way that i did, even though it was a figure of speech, entitlements are choking us and we've got to make the real reforms to make sure that we do it right. we protect these programs and thirdly, speaker boehner said it very well, i thought he showed great leadership that revenues need to be on the table. again, though, we need to do it in the right way. bowles/simpson said reduce the reductions where you can, lower tax rates by doing that. and i think, at the end of the day, what's going to happen, george, we got to get this economy going again. we have had an outside group ernest and young look at raising of taxes on the highest income earners. what a they concluded was, we would immediately lose 700,000 jobs in america. is that the kind of economy that this president wants to start out with in his second term? i don't think so. president obama saidwo years ago, now is not the time with a sluggish economy to raise taxes. we need to consider the fact that folks who started raising taxes o
will speak from the white house today about his game plan to grow the economy as well as cut the deficit. and republicans say they are ready to make it happen. abc's tahman bradley is in washington this morning. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, paula and rob. shortly after he was re-electioned, president obama called congressional leaders to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff. it's a major problem. it has to be solved by the end of the year. republicans and democrats have signaled they're ready to talk. but there's a major hurdle. a showdown's looming in washington, even as democrats and republicans strike a conciliatory tone post-election, both sides are set to collide over taxes. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and, frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc news, house speaker john boehner drew a hard line on raising taxes. but opened the door of raising more revenue as part of a deficit reduction deal. >> i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitl
, the economy. he says he is looking for a bipartisan solution to the fiscal challenges. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties. to meet the challenges we can only solve together. reducing the deficit, reforming the tax code. >> fears of privy fiscal cliffs are growing. both sides are hoping to avoid another recession. at this point it does not seem they are on the same page on raising the issue. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. >> democrats think the president has a mandate to raise taxes on families making more than $250,000 a year. >> there was a message sent to us by the american people based on the campaign. people making all this money need to contribute a little bit more. >> one of the big issues we are hearing, and a new congressional budget office report issued yesterday, it says if congress fails to act that the economy could shrink by about half of a percent. unemployment could go back up to 9%. the president expected to speak at 1:05 this afternoon. >> thank you so much. taxi rides could be more expensive on inauguration day. there are c
? >> that's right. the fiscal cliff could cause the economy to shrink and destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs. the question is, can the lame- duck congress prevent that from happening? the terms fiscal cliff is not a household word yet, but give it a few days. it could mean another recession and a jump in the unemployment rate. >> this is an opportunity for the president to lead. >> the president will address attempt to cut the federal deficit by half a billion dollars by next fall. >> according to ernst and young raising the top rates would destroy nearly 700,000 jobs in our country. >> with no bipartisan agreement, laws that to change could mean an end to tax breaks for business. democrats will not raise taxes on -- >> i have a spouse who is underemployed. i have one that will be graduating in may. it is people who are trying to find jobs i would be more concerned about. >> not to mention the new debt ceiling deal is said to cut hundreds of government programs including the defense budget and medicare. >> we need to try to get some stuff done. >> the gross domestic product would gr
people is the wrong prescription, given where our economy is. >> reporter: but raising taxes on the wealthy was a central issue of president obama's campaign. he talked about it in every, single campaign speech. >> the wealthiest americans got tax cuts. tax cuts. try a tax cut. another trillion dollar tax cut that favors the wealthy. >> reporter: in her exclusive interview thursday, diane sawyer pressed the speaker on that. >> 60% of the voters have said that they are ready to raise these taxes. they are ready to have the wealthier americans pitch in here. >> i said yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable. >> reporter: the looming fiscal crisis has already affected financial markets, helping drive the dow below 13,000 for the first time since september. if a deal is not struck, virtually every american taxpayer will see a substantial increase in their taxes starting january 1st. during the last negotiations, speaker boehner's hands were tied because tea party conservatives opposed compromise. here's what he told george back then. >> there's no daylight between the te
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's strongest economy germany is in trouble. but quickly investors turned back to our looming problem, the road we are on to the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. $650 billion of combined spending cuts and tax cuts expiring automatically. wall street selloff led to a loss of $300 billion in market value wednesday alone. however, just after close of trading wednesday, greece did pass its austerity measures so markets should be tempered a bit. when it comes to the future we can't expect uncertainty as the fiscal cliff looms ahead. >> coming up, advice on sorting out some of the hottest new options in tablets and touch screen computers. >> would you believe tab tops, >>> and welcome back to "world news now." we are pleased to have with us tech editor joanna stern. joanna will tell us about five crazy computers that run microsoft's new windows 8. crazy in a good way. >> crazien a great way. i am telling you they're crazy. >> not like us in a crazy way. >> not mentally insane. >> what are we starting with? >> windows 8 for tablets, desk tops, all types of computers. what microsoft did a
to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. it could plunge the u.s. economy back into recession. >> it is incumbent the parties work together to avoid the fiscal cliff and lay a plan for growth. >> we can avert the cliff that serves as a catalyst for major solutions enacted in 2013 to begin to solve the problem. >> analysts believe thousands of jobs could be lost if the massive spending cuts and tax increase do take effect. >> if you go to the capital, you will see they are already building the inaugural platform and stage where the president will be sworn in for a second time. we are told some hotels are already getting calls about rooms. >> find out what hotels have availability. is important with what things are happening in the city they can take advantage of it. >> that will run from 4:00 until 2:00 a.m. on election day. the ge real way it success does not plan to offer service since it falls on the martin luther king jr. holiday. >> many of you might have stayed up late tuesday night to learn the results of the election. >> a lot of people hurting yesterday. >> who is the
abc 7 news at 6. >> three newly passed same-sex toriage laws are expected boost the economy. the women's institute says maryland,ws in washington, and the main will result in $166 million newlywed in spending over the next three years. maryland can expect $62 million. thus does not include spending s will-of-state couple travel in to marry. as the north east boards to get ofk on in the aftermath sandy, governor cuomo york is looking for federal aid. an official in and the administration wants to get at $30 billion from the federal government. to cover would be used costs to repair bridges, subway rail linesd commuter as rebuild homes. do need a lot of help there. quiet weather for the next days along the east coast. some showers will be coming in tonight but it will come and go. we are in fine shape. mild and cloudy but big changes with ain later tonight cold front. lapse looking west. route 50 headed east towards falls church. increasing cloudiness but the have been just terrific. los 70's and still in the 60's. won out.s have 63 in huntington town, maryland. alexander is now at 66 de
are not doing too well already. >> if congress fails to act, the economy could shrink by one half percent. the unemployment rate could soar to 9.1%. >> the president got emotional while addressing campaign staffers in chicago. >> i am really proud of that. >> the campaign released a five minute video of his speech that came one day after he won reelection. >> president obama weighing replacements for several aides and cabinet members expected to leave it. the treasury secretary timothy geithner, hillary clinton, and leon panetta will leave sometime next year. >> the former democratic committee chair said he will make a second attempt to become governor of virginia. he ran for governor in 2009 but lost in the primary. the lieutenant governor is also seeking the republican nomination. >>d.c. police looking for five men behind a shooting in southeast. it was in the 3100 block of bueno vista terrance. turning now to a developing story coming in from dulles airport. a united airlines flight had to make an emergency landing. >> passengers said the man was yelling and would not sit down and star
into effect but details released by omb painted different picture. if congress failed to act, the economy would shrink by 0.5 of 1% and send the unemployment rate soaring to 9.1%. it is something both sides hope to avoid but has not figured out how. >> raising taxes is unacceptable. it could not even pass the house. i'm not sure will pass the senate. >> state agencies are given two weeks to work on their plan to trim 4% and that is plenty of time. >> the problem is not so much how much money they have but how they manage it. >> hockessin 10 delhomme -- of this impending cliff, president obama plans to address americans. >> their lines forming for those who want to take his job. and dancing that you make s second attempt to become governor of virginia. he was known for running president clinton's campaign. he ran for governor in 2000 and at last to -- but lost. >> tonight, the man responsible for shooting former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is facing seven life sentences in a federal courtroom. jared loughner as giffords and her husband nmark kelly were in the courtroom. he read a sta
prescription, given where our economy is. >> reporter: is it on the table to talk about? >> i made clear yesterday tha t unacceptable and it couldn't pass the house. putting increased revenues on the table, but through reforming our tax code. and i would do that, if the president were serious about solving our spending problem. and trying to secure our entitlement programs. the president and i have had various conversations. i'm confident that we can find the common ground necessary. >> reporter: so, you will talk about it, even if you believe it's the wrong approach, you'll talk about it. >> of course we'll talk about it. we talk about all kinds of things we may disagree on. i'm the most reasonable, responsible person here in washington. the president knows me. he knows that he and i can work together. the election's over. now it's time to get to work. >> reporter: and the speaker seemed confident that after this election, tea party members will be supportive of getting work done. so, i asked, will he still repeal obama care? you had said, next year, that you would repeal the health ca
. >> they are more aware that it's important for our economy growing the economy, and to put your money back in your local community. for every dollar you spend in alexandria, it almost entirely stays here. >> a lot will be willing to stay at home and deal with for the -- and deal with the cyber monday deals. the big box national stores could be open already at 8:00. some stores will try to rival that and open even earlier. back to you. live from alexandria, natasha barrett, abc7 news. >> just go ahead and get your shopping over with. an air bag problem has prompted the recall of the grand cherokee and liberty model years 2002-2004. the national highway transportation and safety administration have found they can go off without warning. 215 incidents have been reported. chrysler says they will fix the problem at no charge. "still ahead, it turns out bullying is not just between students. in this video, students cnet bullying a teacher. >> what is being done for the thousands still without power after sandy? >> the future of some d.c. >> you are watching abc7 news at 5 with leon harris, allison starl
over the economy and saying, he thinks voters sent a message, lund clear. >> reporter: in his first official appearance since re-election, the president signaled to republicans that he is primed for battle. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: unless he and congress come to a deal, the fragile u.s. economy is headed towards something called the fiscal cliff, on january 1st. $6 trillion in tax increases that will hit all working americans and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, leading to what experts predict will be another recession. the biggest sticking point is whether the bush tax cuts for those who make more than $200,000 a year should expire. the president says they should, it's a case he made over and over on the campaign trail. >> tax cuts. tax cuts. try a tax cut. >> reporter: but yesterday, republican house speaker john boehner told diane sawyer that was a nonstarter. >> is it on the table to talk about? >> i made clear -- >> the wealthier americans pitch in. >> i made clear yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable. and frankly, it could
is the wrong prescription given where our economy is. >> is it on the table to talk about? >> i made clear. >> wealthier americans pitch in here. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and frankly it couldn't even pass the house. putting increase revenues on the table, but through reforming our tax code, and i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitlement programs. i am confident that he and i can find the common ground necessary. >> that common ground may be tough to find because the president has already said he would veto any deal that does not allow tax cuts for the rich to expire. boehner says republicans would introduce new tax revenue as they work toward a deal. >>> the bean counters on capitol hill are out with analysis of what could happen if we do go over the fiscal cliff. the congressional budget office says lack of a deal would plunge the economy back into a recession. and it says the unemployment rate would likely rise over 9%. >>> after more ballot counting yesterday, washington has become the third state to
pressure on president obama this morning as he meets with business leaders about the nation's economy. the federal budget deficit last month was $120 billion, 22% more than a year ago. it's a sign the country is on track for its fifth-straight annual deficit of more than $1 trillion. the u.s. has not had a surplus since 2001. >>> u.s. airways is reportedly pushing for a merger with american airlines. sources tell bloomberg news, the smaller airline presented a detailed plan to american's creditors yesterday. american would rather exit bankruptcy as an independent carrier and will make its case to its creditors today. >>> well, black friday, the day after thanksgiving, is traditionally the kickoff for the holiday shopping season. but it may not be the best day to go shopping. the least crowded days to shop are the monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and thursday after thanksgiving. in two weeks. the latest of the light days of the stores is december 11th. after that, you'll be fighting the crowds and hunting for a parking space. or you can shop online like rob does. >>> there's new evidenc
the economy going? we of not dealt with the structural problems that causused a great recessssion -- problems withth the banks the loss of american competitiveveness, the huge trade visit, the growing oil spill, which remains very rge. in order to t the deficit long-term, there are two sets of reaealizations that are nececessary. taxing h high income people alone won't do it, because health care costs are rising and the population is aging. in order to m make ficit progress, you have to raisise the retirement age and take on the price of health care, the way theermans and the dutch havave, something that is anathema to both parties. at the same time, if you are going to reduce the deficit, you have to fige out a way to sell americanroducts to someonene other than the government. the answer to that is going to be becoming energy-independent. the problem with that is when the president talks about it, he means something very different than what republicans say when ththey talk about it. and dealing with china, which the president does not want to do. the republicansiew it as protectionist trade
will meet with several ceos to talk about the economy and the deficit. he will then meet with congressional leaders on friday. there 48 days to come tax increase and deep spending cuts would take affect. of course abc 7 oppose a lot coverage of the news conference starts at 1:30. our senior reporter scott thurman will be there. watch for his report tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. the david petraeus scandal sure to cause some questions for the president. and the woman at the heart of this scandal. >> in new developments as we wait for the president to speak on the issue we learned, david petraeus will testify about the attack there in libya, no date has been scheduled. much of the focus remained on his personal life and the affair that brought down his cia career. >> on capitol hill congress is hoping to learn more about the widening scandal involving david petraeus and general john allen. lawmakers want to know if his affair was with paula broadwell. or a female extenders' created any threat to national security. >> it is very important that they do look into this. >> leon panetta says
in china. it has more cash on hand than many country's entire economies. and it's been written off prematurely before. time to sell or time to buy? there's probably an app for that. i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in seattle. >> you know they got something cool cooking. thanks to neal and thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at
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that are behind these numbers relate primarily to the all know the economy is still sluggish. but there is improvement. >> aaa estimates that gas prices will be about the same as last year. hotel prices will be similar to 2007. the busiest travel day will be wednesday, coming home will be sunday and monday. united states airways holiday travel schedule courtesy of their flight attendants. this ahead of a strike vote, and next wednesday at of the holiday rosh. employees are angry at contract regulations. >> prepared by years of the red line crash. red line could soon be automated again. their report in the automatic train operation will resume on the red line december 1. that is supposedide a smoother ride, but crash avoidance system failed and that 2009 fort totten crash that killed nine people. >> coming up abc 7 news at noon, and new discovery could help shed light on why some you will get parkinson's and others to not. and it could include head injuries. >> and a man set up an automated way to deliver a message from even from beyond the grave. >> and the decision is made o
come to a deal the fragile u.s. economy is headed towards something called the fiscal cliff. >> on january first, $6 trillion in tax increases that will hit all working americans and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts leading to another recession. the big question is whether the bush tax cuts should expire. the president says they should. it's a case he made over and over on the campaign trail. tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts. yesterday john boehner told die an that is a nonstarter. >> i made clear yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable. and frankly it couldn't even pass the house. >> still today the president said the debate had been settled. >> this was a central question during the election. it was debated over and over again and on tuesday ni
nail this down, reasonably so, i think the economy's off and running. so, we're just one piece of legislation away from a much stronger economy. >> reporter: but getting that one piece of legislation may prove very difficult. the president said the voters picked his path. and the house speaker, rightly points out that americans did return the republican house. divided government. the question, bianna, can they unite to avoid this fiscal cliff? >> that is the big question. david, thank you. >>> and now, to the very angry and frustrated victims of hurricane sandy. hundreds of thousands still without power and demanding answers, some 12 days after the devastating storm hit. as the long lines show, getting gas is still a big problem around parts of new york, as well. but what's not a problem is getting a special delivery in the mail, power bills. abc's john schriffen has the latest from hicksville, long island. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is day two of the gas restrictions in new york city and here on long island. to give you an idea how fast this gas is going, just
economy. it's a perplexing time for many of us right now. >> reporter: in high-profile races from the top on down, it was a night of republican concession speeches. >> i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> things don't always turn out the way you think they're going to. >> reporter: now, the question is, how to bring the party back from political exile. in five out of the last six presidential races, republicans lost the popular vote. the defeat was especially crushing among the largest voting group, women. as well as the fastest-growing voting group, hispanics. >> i think republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color. >> reporter: what could be the opening salvo of the 2016 republican primary. some in the party are lashing out at new jersey governor chris christie, for giving the president a boost for his handling of sandy. christie insists that's nonsense. that he worked harder, with the possible exception of paul ryan, to get mitt romney elected. george? >> thanks, jon. >>> we turn to nicolle wallace. you see some of the lashin
hoping to reach a deal to prevent spending cuts that could plunge the economy back into recession potentially losing thousands of jobs. >>grace, who was a candidate and a ward 6 he saw one for signs near a polling place. he picked it up and try to give it to her ticket to the polling area. he said that is when she knocked him to the ground. she was a arrested on assault charges. we are looking at 40 degrees on this thursday. >> del ahead, the latest on a powerful earthquake that left dozens how you doing? alright, alright. now this is a party. what is that? go, go, go. mmm. ge me some of that sauce. i don't know i think i might bail. yeah it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshlydprepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. this is it. nothis is a party. [ male announcer ] try a 20 pc bucket with 6 sauces. today tastes so good. >> 42 degrees in washington d.c.. kind of a blustery day ahead. things will be looking better and better over the next couple of days. this is the time of the day we ask ourselves, whe
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the economy affecting food banks this thanksgiving. we will show you what else affected and how you can help. >> we are helping them out. >> a 9-year-old who lost everything she had in a fire is helping other families. >> the help wanted sign is back up. see what jobs aid to be fil >> from the ashes of a house fire comes at amazing idea from a 9-year-old girl. a fourth grader and her family lost everything they had in the fire. instead of feeling sorry for herself, she started her own organization to help other fire victims and that is what makes her harris' heroe. lauren still cries when she talks about the fire. >> it is your home it is your life. >> losing everything was devastating but from that tragedy, this 9-year-old girl went on to create lauren's luggage. she is stepping night lights and other comforts that she said she missed in the hours and days after her family's fire. >> shampoo, conditioner, soap, going to families after fires. we have what has been really helpful. >> she lost everything. she was willing to give which she had. >> the luggage and everything inside is either don
. members of congress will see what will happen. what falling off the cliff will do to the nation's economy. we will have that anda more a more at six. >> get ready for inspirational stories. >> katie couric looks at the year in miracles. that is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. right here. >> we may have a weather tramp here. >> it sounds like it. into the weekend. >> looking that way. lots of sunshine and a warming trend. that will be the difference here. take a look at temperatures around the area. the sun has been down for 49 minutes and temperatures are starting to fall. these are the latest observations. 40 west of town. we also have the wind out of the northwest, 13 miles per hour. those will diminish and that brought in the drier air. with clear skies and light winds, we will drop tonight about 33. perhaps a few of for 20's in outlying areas. there is the spin on the right hand of the storm moving it to groupon new england but interacting with high-pressure across the tennessee valley. that is what gave us the gusty winds today. there were helpful because they brought in drier air and is start
. president obama meeting with business leaders today to discuss the economy as well as the deficit. the democrats and on orthodox ideas for dealing with the cliff. they are proposing to let the government go over it temporarily in order to give the party more bargaining leverage for changes later on. if the deal is not reached by december 31, massive tax hikes and program cuts will kick in and could spark another recession. today we will find out if minority leader nancy pelosi will continue or actual step down. she isthe democrats failed to gain the seats they needed to get the majority. it is 5:05 appear to want to get to jummy olabanji. >> with a wave of bombings across the rock had killed 12 people and dozens more have been wounded in the first attack -- in iraq. and another bomb went off as police were gathered in that area. and even more car bombs went off in the baghdad area. no immediate claim of responsibility. though these types of suicide bombings are a favorite of al qaida . >> thank you the trial of the bowie state university student charged with killing her roommate r
through this process. >> reporter: but they don't come to a resolution, beginning january 1st, the economy could be thrown back into recession. and households making $70,000 a year, could see their taxes increase over $4,000. the president said he is open to new ideas. and if republicans have a way to raise taxing on the wealthy without raising rates, he wouldn't slam the door on them. george? >> the dancing begins. jon, thanks very much. >>> let's get to josh and the mounting violence in the middle east. >> as we all slept, we're going to begin there. serious escalation overnight. israel and the palestinians moving closer to all-out war. dozens of rockets, as you see here, bombarding southern israel this morning, as gun boats pounded the gaza strip. at least three israelis were killed in the violence. wednesday, israel killed the military commander of the palestinian militant group, hamas. he was in the car you see exploding. in response, hamas warned that israel has, and i quote, opened the gates of hell, end quote. >>> the trouble in the middle east is affecting the stock market. let's
, direction of the economy poll numbers were up, overall direction of the country was, a bigger story than to say blacks, latinos, single women looking for contraception. got together to get the president back in. part of it. a big parting of it. not the only part of it. for a party that need to bring people back in, there is a pretty divisive things. >> yeah, somewhat surprising. but they ran on that. we need to really limit the entitlement programs. i think that is going to be a challenge to rein those in to bring down the national debt as well. he is obviously looking at it as a numbers game. and he is a numbers guy. >> after the 47% tape. thought the country learned some lessons about that. it's tough. still. the aftermath is always divisive, i guess. >> you also have donors that just basically gave $900 million to a campaign they thought they were going to win. what happened? >> they can't be happy. for sure. >> when we come back, time for the thursday morning, skinny. three simple words. >> sexiest man alive -- the big list is out. "the skinny" is coming up next. stay with us. ♪ sk
for the financial markets, japan's economy, the world's third largest shrank 3.5% last quarter. a sign that japan may now already be in recession. >>> and finally, a major embarrassment for britain's iconic beef eaters. those guards that stand guard in london. the somehow, the thief managed to scale the walls here and steal the keys to the tower, including the key that unlocks the draw bridges. guards reportedly saw the burglar but couldn't leave their positions to chase him. they radioed a night watchman but got no response. we're told the queen's jewels, inside the tower, were never at risk. ohm to amy. >>> autism is estimated to affect 1 out of every 88 children born in the u.s. and now a new study says that having the fever or a flu for a week during pregnancy could at least double the chances for a child born with autism. abc's dr. richard besser is here with us to break down the new research. dr. besser, this is a frightening head line. >> so here's what they found. if a mother reported having flu during pregnancy, her risk of having a child with autism increased from 1% to 2%. if she repor
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